The Wii may be crushing the Xbox 360 in terms of sales (especially considering the time advantage the 360 had), but Microsoft’s console is winning in some other categories. One of those happens to be in game rentals, where the Xbox 360 apparently has twice as many games rented for it than the Wii. Basing their dataset on 2008, rental tracker Rentrak discovered numerous interesting things about game rentals, including what was most likely to be rented and what systems they were for. They found out that more than a third of all video game rentals were for the Xbox 360 at 36.8%. The Wii on the other hand was much less likely to have games rented for it, at 17.1%.

On top of that, the top five games rented in 2008 were all for the Xbox 360. GTA IV topped the list, followed by CoD 4 and Halo 3. Nintendo doesn't show up until Mario Kart appears as the number 6 contender. It's interesting to note that not a single PS3 title shows up in the top 10 most rented games of 2008. Whether this has to do with PS3 owners being more likely to buy vs. rent or simply due to lower PS3 sales isn't mentioned. Some of the late releases in 2008 still managed to show up on the list, such as Fallout 3, which didn’t hit retail shelves until the end of October.