Pushing notebooks as portable desktops and media centers even further, Asus today announced the introduction of some very large and high-powered systems aimed at pleasing those who like lots of storage and big screens. The Asus F50 and F70 will feature 16” and 17.3” screens, respectively, the latter being one of very few laptops that carry a screen size as large as that. The large, high-resolution displays are of course in a 16:9 format, perfect for watching DVDs and hi-def movies.

Laptops have made impressive leaps towards being equal with desktops, particularly in CPU speeds, GPU power and RAM capacity. They have still suffered somewhat in the mass storage category, primarily because of cost. Recent introductions of 640GB 2.5” drives have made laptops with ample storage space available, and the F70SL pushes that even further. Supporting dual hard drives, which very few laptops do, it comes up with up to 1.2 terabytes of storage in a two 640GB hard drive setup with 5400RPM spindle speeds, or you can ‘settle’ for just 1 terabyte with two 500GB drives and faster 7200RPM speeds.

Aside from the huge screens and massive amounts of drive space, the laptops have just about everything else you'd expect to see in high-powered laptops today, such as up to 4GB of RAM, Core 2 Duo CPUs including the T9550, and more. They are still aimed more at “media” enthusiasts than “gaming” enthusiasts, evident by the inclusion of the GeForce 9400M GPU on some units, the AMD M780G on others and a SiS chipset on the F70SL. You can read more here.