Belkin rep. paying for positive Amazon reviews? Users are paid 65 cents for every positive review they leave on an listing for a Belkin router which has consistently gotten bad reviews in the past from users who say that the product is "loaded with Bugs, goes on & off whenever it feels like, and comes at a hefty price. The Daily Background.

Europe charges Microsoft with abuse of monopoly (again) The move follows an unsuccessful attempt by U.S. authorities nine years ago to strip Internet Explorer (IE) of its unfair advantage over competing browsers. Network World.

Hang Up The Cell Phone And Drive California already has a ban on talking and texting, and now hands free devices may be included. The National Safety Council (NSC) is pushing to ban all cell phone use while driving. They say the use of any mobile device behind the wheel can be a deadly distraction. MSNBC.

GPUs Used to Successfully Crack Wi-Fi Passwords The latest GPU-assisted app to come available is one designed for IT managers to make sure their wireless networks are secure--and inevitably for hackers to try to break into wireless networks. Hot Hardware.

China's real name registration initiative for online gaming A gamer with the screen name Kuangtu said the real name registration system does not mean that gamers cannot use screen-names, but rather that their online gaming accounts must be linked to their real world identification number, which is issued by the government. IncGamers.