Japan-based DRAM chip supplier Elpida Memory has introduced what it claims is the industry's first 1 gigabit XDR DRAM module based on an x32-bit configuration. The new XDR product features a proprietary 65nm CMOS process designed to run at frequencies up to 7.2GHz at just 1.5v, which is faster and more efficient than any GDDR5 memory in the market, and provides an impressive data transfer rate of 28.8 GB/s.

Elpida expects the memory to be particularly useful for media devices that transfer large amounts of HD video and other data, such as set-top boxes, digital TVs, Blu-ray players and game consoles – in fact Sony is one of the most frequent users of XDR memory and relies on it for the PlayStation 3. The company also expects further refinements to render XDR suitable for cell phones and portable media players.

Samples have already been sent to third parties, but mass production of the new XDR product isn't expected to start until April this year.