We already reported on the fact that updated Intel Atom chips are expected to arrive sometime by mid-2009, with just a slightly speedier core frequency of 1.66GHz, but also with new HD-capable graphics via the GN40 chipset and memory support boosted from DDR2 533 to DDR2 667. Additionally however the company is planning to launch its 45nm successor, codenamed Pineview, with an on-chip memory controller and integrated graphics processor.

According to DigiTimes, the switch to a smaller process will cut the amount of necessary mainboard space by 60 percent compared to Atom N270 CPU platforms, shrinking the overall footprint. It should also be available clocked faster than the current chips, and while onboard video processor will remain the GMA 950, clock frequency will increase from 133MHz to 200MHz. Moreover, the new southbridge will be codenamed Tigerpoint-M and will be replacing the ICH7M.

Despite these performance improvements, TDP will go down from 8W to 7W, while the average power consumption will be only 2W. The Pineview Atoms should also be cheaper to make, which could see lower netbook prices down the line, and both single core and dual core version will be available in the second half of this year – though sadly the dual-core variants will be reserved for nettops only.