A new BlackBerry Storm beta operating system update has been leaked into the wild. Version for the 9530 and 9500 reportedly brings with it increased stability and faster screen transitions, but the big news here is the full QWERTY keyboard in portrait mode – which means no more flipping the phone on its side to get those emails out.

Another nice improvement is that when the device is locked, the screen won't light up every time you bump it, which is good for battery life. Camera functionality is also said to be quicker and apparently a charging issue which plagued OS version 88 has been resolved. However, this is not an official release, so it goes without saying that you would be installing it at your own risk.

It’s also worth noting that while most of the reports seem to be favorable, there has been some chatter about buggy multimedia players and others have complained about music and video playback crashing the phone. For full details, download links and more, head over to CrackBerry.