It was only a few weeks ago that Microsoft publicly released the Windows 7 beta, letting anyone who wants to get a sneak peak at what awaits many desktop PCs in the near future. The incredible demand for the beta ultimately led to Microsoft being forced to pull the beta, restoring it only after they were able to cope with traffic. That won't be happening a second time, however, as it's been revealed that build 7000 will be the only public beta available before the OS is released.

If you followed the development of Windows XP and Windows Vista, you'll recall that numerous betas for each were released. They were often missing features present in the final build, which isn't the case this time around because build 7000 is supposed to be a "feature complete" release, meaning that from here they're only focusing on bug fixes. After progress is made on that, any future releases before it goes gold will be a release candidate. That leads more credence to the belief some have that 2009 will be the year Microsoft launches Windows 7, though the company itself has warned their partners and distributors that it may not come until 2010. Whether or not it arrives this year, there will be no more betas.