Yahoo's plans for survival after the numerous failed discussions with Microsoft and a slouching revenue include discarding services that weren't profitable. In recent months they have closed down services such as Mash, Yahoo Music Unlimited and Yahoo Photos.

Another service has been identified as a loss, their online storage service “Briefcase”. Effective March 30th, Yahoo will be permanently disabling the service, which includes deleting all data stored on it. Yahoo is warning current users of the service, letting them know in advance they need to backup their files or move them somewhere else before the cut off date.

Briefcase is one of Yahoo's oldest services, and to many it appears long in the tooth. It has survived a decade, but declining use will see it killed off. Many competing services have proved themselves to be a cut above what Yahoo can offer, and rather than revamp it they have made the choice to shut it down.

This announcement coincides with a recent discovery in Google's Apps suite files hinting or confirming that the search giant plans to unveil their own GDrive web-based storage service sometime in the near future.