Mobile gaming is on the rise, according to comScore, with an increase of 17 percent over the previous year thanks to the proliferation of more graphically capable smartphones. Unsurprisingly, the iPhone seems to be leading the way, with almost a third of its users reporting they downloaded a game in November, compared with a market average of 3.8 percent, and overall accounting for 14 percent of all mobile game downloads.

One reason iPhone owners are more likely to download games is the tight integration of the App Store, which makes the whole process of buying and installing games easier than on alternative platforms. Popular game developers like Electronic Arts, LucasArts, and Sega too are looking towards capitalizing on this market and there are even rumors that a premium games segment on the App Store is due soon. But while the iPhone is indeed leading the way, others are making progress as well, with newer BlackBerry, Symbian, and Windows Mobile devices overtaking the RAZR and low-end flip phones as mobile gaming platforms.