The MPAA has found that it is not immune to financial woes, and as a result is going to be cutting quite a few jobs. A spokesperson for the company, which represents the majority of film studios in the U.S., has admitted that they will be cutting a minimum of 10% of their workforce, possibly quite a bit more. Cutbacks at large film studios have played a role in this, as the MPAA only does as well as its collective members. No mention is made about what specific portions of the company will be affected by the cuts, only that upper management will remain largely intact.

If you try to ask any MPAA rep about why they are losing money, no doubt they'll try to put some of the blame on piracy. Despite them trying to extort cash from groups like The Pirate Bay and even winning fairly large amounts of cash from other sites, the revenue for the company has dropped significantly. Of course, the "leadership" for the company is unaffected. You can imagine that the host of lawyers they employ will also likely remain on the payroll, as the primary purpose of the MPAA is to try and protect the intellectual property of the movie studios.