A little later than first expected, Mozilla has made a new 'pre-alpha' version of its Firefox Mobile browser available for download for Windows Mobile powered HTC Touch Pro devices. This pre-alpha release is not recommended for day-to-day browsing, as you'll encounter many bugs and performance issues, but it shows what Fennec will try to deliver in its final version.

Automatic updates and plug-in support were disabled in this release in order to speed up development and testing. Also, users will have to slide out the keyboard to enter text as soft-keyboard support is not yet available. Limitations aside, though, it's good to see Mozilla is finally making its long overdue move into mobile browsing and hopefully will see them shaking up the market like on the desktop front.

If you are an HTC Touch Pro owner and want to give it a try, get the installer here and tell us how it goes, or else you can just watch a video demo of gestures and other Firefox Mobile features after the break.

Fennec Gestures and Chromeless browsing from Felipe on Vimeo.