As expected, Microsoft has announced a relatively minor update to its mobile operating system at MWC 2009 focused on changes to the user interface and its touch-friendliness. For starters, the most noticeable difference you'll see in Windows Mobile 6.5 is that, when the Start menu drops down, it reveals all of the applications in a graphical honeycomb format so you can more easily tap on icons without hitting the wrong button.

Of course, you can move and rearrange the icons to your liking. Another big change is that from the locked position, you can now easily see how many voicemails, text messages and emails you have waiting for you and access them with one click. These are merely usability tweaks but Microsoft also introduced a handful of new features, such as an updated version of Internet Explorer Mobile with this release, which will support Flash and JavaScript and includes new tools for better page navigation.

More importantly, Windows Mobile 6.5 will also mark the launch of an online store for mobile applications known as Windows Marketplace for Mobile and the My Phone synchronization service. The new version is an interim release until the oft-delayed Windows Mobile 7 operating system for handhelds arrives sometime later this year or in early 2010. However, even handsets with Windows Mobile 6.5 are not expected until the second half of 2009.