OCZ continues to expand their product line with the announcement of a new keyboard in their Alchemy series of components. The "Illuminati" keyboard will bring a few creature comforts to a standard keyboard, such as rubber coated keys as opposed to plastic. The most notable feature will be the backlighting, available in either red or blue, which provides illumination on every key through the key's letter, as opposed to behind the keys like some older backlit devices. OCZ sees both of these features as benefits to those who go to LAN parties or use the keyboard in the dark a lot.

The keyboard will be able to toggle between the red or blue backlighting, an interesting feature. It's unfortunate that OCZ didn't release any pricing information along with the announcement (a somewhat common practice of theirs) - and while gamers are often willing to spend premium amounts on components like RAM and GPUs, keyboards are an area that seem more prone to being shoved in the cheap category.