Apple has quietly upgraded its desktop line of personal computers today with improved processor speeds and upgraded storage space. There is a new Mac Pro high end desktop that uses Intel's Nehalem-based quad-core Xeon processor in a 4- or 8-core configuration, new and more graphics-intensive Mac mini machines, and updated iMacs with twice the memory size and storage of the previous generation but now starting at a lower $1,199.

The company seems to be pushing price for value here. The new Mac Pro, for instance, represents a significant upgrade that starts at $300 cheaper than before at $2,499 while the 24-inch iMac now starts at the same $1,499 price as its 20-inch predecessor but with beefed up specs. Meanwhile, the Mac mini received a speed bump as well with 2.0-GHz processors, more disk space, and Nvidia GeForce 9400 graphics cards. All the machines are available immediately from Apple's website and retail stores.