AMD announced a couple of additions to their mobile GPU line-up today at CeBIT while also making the transition to a more advanced 40nm manufacturing process. Both new parts, the Mobility Radeon HD 4860 and HD 4830, sport 640 stream processors along with all of the now standard features such as DirectX 10.1 support and full hardware HD video decoding.

The HD 4830 will have a core clock speed of either 450MHz or 600MHz while the higher end 4860 should be able to shift more pixels thanks to a core clock of 650MHz. In addition to core speed differences, the two chips vary in their memory support, with the first being limited to older GDDR3 memory and the second one setting itself apart with double the graphics memory bandwidth via GDDR5. Both chips also use a more modest 128-bit memory bus down from 256 in the highest-end AMD mobile part.

Other features include CrossFireX for multiple graphics processors, Hybrid CrossFire to save power using a second integrated graphics chip, and pass-through for 7.1-channel surround sound on notebooks with HDMI output. The company said these cards will be first available in the forthcoming Asus K notebook towards the second quarter of the year, and assured the desktop fans that 40nm desktop parts are coming soon.