New Snow Leopard test build has more Cocoa goodness A fourth build of Snow Leopard has been released to developers for testing, with more Cocoa, a refined QuickTime Player, and Safari 4 beta. Further, Core Text will see some serious enhancements when the OS is released. Ars Technica.

Samsung Begins Shipments of 1.5TB Hard Disk Drives Samsung Electronics has started shipments of its 1.5TB hard disk drives (HDDs) that feature three 500GB platters, which potentially open up the door to 2TB hard drives for the company. Xbit Labs.

IT Pro Gets Four Years for Building Botnets John Schiefer was sentenced Wednesday in federal court after previously pleading guilty to hacking, fraud and wiretapping charges. He was arrested in 2007 as part of a large U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation enforcement action against botnet makers, called Operation Bot Roast II. PC World.

Would-be iPhone developers "pulling their hair out by the roots" Apple's ability to process iPhone developer contracts is quickly turning into a minor crisis as what was once a smooth process is rapidly turning into a months-long backlog that threatens to keep new developers out of the App Store. Apple Insider.

Talk isn't cheap? For cellphone users, not talking is costly too When you do the math, you find the average cellphone customer actually pays more than $3 per minute, according to a report being issued this week by the Utility Consumers' Action Network, a San Diego consumer advocacy group. LA Times.

I’m sorry but Dreamweaver is dying The real problem for Dreamweaver and for its users is that the nature of the web is changing dramatically. Dynamically-generated web applications, from Amazon right down to the humble blog, all offer much more – in-built commenting, voting, RSS feeds, etc - than the best sites built on static HTML can ever hope to provide. PC Pro.