When it comes to online productivity suites, Google usually gets all the media attention, but there are many other solutions that also offer a vast feature set and clean look. Such is the case with Zoho, which recently gave its web based word processing application a makeover to better accommodate their host of features in an interface that will look and feel very familiar to most.

The biggest change in Zoho Writer 2.0 is essentially what the company calls their 'MenuTab' interface, which, similar to Microsoft's Ribbon UI for Office, attempts to eliminate the clutter by grouping commands under general headings based on functionality such as formatting and reviewing. However, those uncomfortable with the new tabbed interface can also use these elements as traditional drop down menus, as it is shown in the picture above. The core frame setup remains the same, with document listing on the left, editor on the right and the ability to open multiple files as tabs.

This online word processor also boasts collaborative editing as well as offline functionality through Google Gears and integration with other Zoho services. Check out more information here.