Looking to spur a jump in laptop sales amid a slowing economy, Intel has revealed plans to roll out Montevina Plus, the successor to the Montevina mobile platform it launched last year. The update should take place sometime during the second quarter of 2009 and will see Penryn based processors pushed beyond the 3.0GHz mark with more emphasis on HD content.

Exactly how they intend to focus on HD and where the graphics muscle is going to come is not mentioned. However, the company did say that it also plans to bring prices down on its Ultra Low Voltage (ULV) processors to fit the mainstream market. This means that such chips, found now in laptops like the MacBook Air and other expensive ultra-lightweight notebooks going for $1,500 or more, could show up in laptops ranging from $599 to $1,000 instead. Great news all around for mobile users - the reduced power consumption will not only mean improved battery life but also a lighter, thinner and quieter laptop.