Sony is moving one step closer towards their goal of having the PlayStation 3 as the "entertainment hub" of living rooms, following an agreement they have worked up with NBC. The deal will see content delivered to the PS3, including movies and TV shows, accessible through rentals or per-episode purchases. The movies will be primarily sourced from Universal and the TV shows primarily from NBC. This content will be available to the nearly 9 million registered PS Network users.

The shows and movies will also be available through the PSP and adds on to a growing library of titles available through Sony's console. A step in the right direction, for sure, if they want the PS3 to be a media center hub. But is it enough? Microsoft, LG, Samsung and others all had the right idea when they teamed up with Netflix. Sony, on the other hand, claimed it was a bad idea and opted not to do it. If Sony wants to truly grow their content, it seems foolish not to also work up a deal with Netflix - arguably the largest provider movies online today. Should they reconsider their stance?