Update: Mozilla has now officially made the release public, including a blog posting detailing what they have done. Additional features include improved private browsing, performance and stability enhancements and more.

The third successive beta release for the Firefox browser has been published and is available for download. Mozilla posted the new beta just a short time after they shipped Firefox 3.0.7 and confirmed that the next iteration of the software will be released as version 3.5 instead of 3.1. This update should include some additional functionality, such as a new location bar, HTML5 support, a new JavaScript engine and more. Mozilla has not officially posted the new beta, despite putting up the release notes and making it available for download here.

What makes this more interesting is that the group had planned the third beta for release over a week ago, somewhat pushed by pressure from Apple and Microsoft. Unless the build is broken, what's their reason for delaying an official update? It is possible they are simply busy with the concurrent updates for both the 3.1 beta and the existing 3.0.x branch.