If you are a Fallout 3 fan and have set the game aside or gotten bored with what's available at the moment, you might find inspiration to pick it up again following some recent developments happening over at Bethesda. Their next DLC package for the game, The Pitt, is nearing completion and Bethesda is trying to drum up interest in it with a video trailer for the expansion. At only a minute long and fairly dark it leaves a lot to the imagination. Whether or not it will deliver will be known next week, when it is officially launched on March 24th.

Bethesda has even more in store for Fallout 3, with Broken Steel also in the works, to accompany The G.E.C.K. editor and Operation: Anchorage. While the real progress of Fallout 3 may ultimately lie in player mods, as most other Bethesda games demonstrate, it is good to see the company has not abandoned the game after launch. Assuming all goes as planned, by April there will be a total of three DLCs for the game plus the editor. Whether or not Bethesda will stop there remains to be seen.