Although users won't have a chance to get their hands on the new iPhone operating system until later this summer, developers already have been downloading the SDK looking to get a head start on creating new apps or integrate additional functionality on their existing ones. As they dive into the code, however, other interesting tidbits have come to light suggesting that new hardware is on the way.

The code mentions all of the current and previous generation products, whose code references have already been established as iPhone1,1 for the original iPhone; iPhone1,2 for the iPhone 3G; iPod1,1 for the touch and iPod2,1 for the second generation iPod touch. However, in addition to the iPhone2,1 hardware ID that was noticed back in January, the upcoming 3.0 software allegedly references a second iPhone 3,1 device which could indicate that two different models are in the pipeline.

There are also references for two previously unannounced iPod models, iPod2,2 and iPod3,1, and more intriguingly a couple of devices described as iProd0,1 and iFPGA that do not fit into any recognizable category. Exactly what these two represent is anyone's guess - the rumored Mac tablet perhaps? Feel free to speculate in the comments section.