The second piece of Fallout 3 downloadable content went live earlier today. However, those who got up early to download the $10 expansion were in for an unpleasant surprise, with a multitude of glitches and freezes forcing Bethesda and Microsoft to pull the content from Xbox Live. Several different threads can be found on the official Bethesda forums regarding the flaw, mostly centered on the Xbox 360 version of the DLC.

According to the complaints many areas in the new expansion are packed with faulty textures and, bizarrely, giant floating exclamation marks. Users are also reporting lockups and crashes occurring with an alarming frequency. Bethesda says it is working to fix the release so, hopefully, we will hear from them again soon. In the meantime, some users are suggesting the problem could be related to the size of the update - apparently the Xbox 360 file tops out at around 492MB while the PC update comes in at roughly 682MB.