The Game Developers Choice Awards this year has bestowed a high honor on Bethesda, announcing that Fallout 3 has won their Game of the Year award. The post-apocalyptic title had very stiff competition in numerous categories, such as the very successful Left 4 Dead, the high-selling Grand Theft Auto IV and the unique LittleBigPlanet. In addition to that, Fallout 3 also netted the company a "Best Writing" award, demonstrating that the gaming industry does indeed appreciate quality content.

This is the first time Bethesda has won such an award from the GDC, and it came to them on a game which they had a lot riding on. When Fallout 3 was first announced, there was a lot of concern that it might not live up to the standards set by the original game more than ten years ago. However, even as it faced some controversy and a very critical fan base, Bethesda has managed to do an admirable job at least in the eyes of the GDC. Let's hope that they keep up the good work, and get quality control isues taken care of.