Via has lots of interesting hardware on the way and may be set to expand their economic horizons as well. Without shedding many details on their current financial situation, it seems the company is seeking out additional funding through offering a substantial amount of new shares in coming days. Subject to shareholder approval, Via will soon go ahead with a private placement of up to 300 million shares at very low prices.

What makes it more interesting is that Nvidia might be trying to get a stake in the company. Exactly how much was not mentioned, but if Nvidia does acquire a substantial stake in Via, it could be for a variety of purposes. Given the repeated friction between themselves and Intel, Nvidia might be looking to partner with Via to collaborate in new mobile platforms, offering their higher-powered GPUs alongside Via's mobile CPUs.

Nvidia does have a lot of fires to battle right now, and as there's no telling how their quarrel with Intel will pan out. It's good for them to look for other avenues for future expansion.