Sony has repeatedly denied rumors of a PlayStation 3 price drop but the company did announce today they will slash the price tag for its predecessor. Starting tomorrow, the venerable PS2 slim console which has just begun its tenth year on retail shelves will be available for a mere $99 - down from $129.

Despite being introduced in 2000 and the launch of the more advanced PlayStation 3, the PlayStation 2 still stands strong with a library of around 1,900 game titles and new software still being published. It has sold more than 136 million units worldwide, and while sales of Microsoft and Nintendo's previous generation consoles aren't even charted anymore, Sony still manages to move around 100,000 PS2 units each month.

The announcement will likely extend the long-standing console's life span by two or more years but does anyone care anymore? Sony had contacted a number of gaming blogs like Kotaku in advance of a major announcement today, so we are seriously hoping this is not it.