Research In Motion has finally launched its long-awaited BlackBerry App World mobile storefront today, giving users an easy way to download new applications for their BlackBerry devices. The store looks well stocked and is organized by categories that include entertainment, news, music and video, and travel. Applications are either free (although you won’t find an abundance of these lying around) or start at $2.99.

Of course, BlackBerry owners have been able to download third-party applications for years, both directly from manufacturers’ sites and from stores like Handango. But the new BlackBerry App World hopes to provide a one-stop solution for users to find apps easily and developers to get their creations into the hands of more users. It remains to be seen if RIM can match the simplicity of Apple’s App Store.

To take advantage of App World you have to be running firmware 4.2, have a trackball or touch screen on your device and a PayPal account to buy apps. You can download the storefront by visiting or from your handset’s browser.