The more powerful our computers become, the more energy they require. And the more energy they require, the more energy is simply wasted – given off as excess heat. It was for that reason and more that efficiency ratings started to become an important aspect of PSU performance and in recent years there's been a large increase in the number of 80+ certified PSUs. OCZ has taken some of their hardware to the next level, having recently managed to get their Z1000 PSU certified for the 80 Plus Gold rating, which indicates an efficiency of 90% or greater and makes it the first 1000W model that this standard.

It joins the Z550 and Z650, which have the standard Silver rating, as OCZ 80 Plus certified units. Many of us don't need 1000W PSUs, but for those that do, excess power leakage is definitely something of a concern. Having units like this available makes the job of power management easier. OCZ will offer the Z1000 in two formats, modular and non-modular.