Dell may soon be releasing a new line of netbooks if a recently leaked roadmap is to be believed. The documents, which were supposedly obtained by German blog NetbookNews, show three different models including an upgrade to the Mini Inspiron 10, a second Mini Inspiron 10 and a brand new Mini Inspiron 11 model due sometime between now and the end of Q3.

This last one will be “very thin and light” and offer “laptop-like performance” from an unnamed processor. Its 11.6-inch screen will be HD capable, presumably 720p, and should feature 2GB of RAM alongside 250GB storage capacity and Windows Vista for a starting price of $499. However, the more immediate action will be in the Inspiron Mini 10 model, with the netbook getting updated hardware specs as well as new options for an internal TV tuner and GPS system. Dell has not confirmed, nor has it denied, any of this so the information at this point may best be described as rumor.