It was recently speculated by analyst Koya Tabata of Credit Suisse that Nintendo has managed to decrease manufacturing costs of the Wii by a drastic 45% since its launch. The accusation rightly brought forth hope in consumers looking forward to a potential cut in the Wii’s $249.99 retail tag.

Despite the aforementioned speculation, a dampening economy, overwhelming pressure of Sony’s PlayStation 3 sales in Japan and the now $99.99 PlayStation 2, Nintendo's President Satoru Iwata fully implied that consumers should not expect a decrease in the Wii's price. Iwata claims that instead of attempting to drive up sales via a drop in price, Nintendo will focus on placing more energy and time into making better entertainment so their products remain in the top position of customer wish lists.

Regardless of the Wii situation, DSi sales are high and the company remains hopeful that the release of Wii Sports Resort will be a success.