It feels as though there is a new Windows 7 beta build leak every week, if not more than one on the same week. Just a few a days ago we heard about the build 7077 and this time around it's 7106. The build is currently only available in Simplified Chinese, but the English x86 and x64 copies are expected to follow soon.

Provided the fact that the build numbers oddly jump from 7077 to 7106 and that Microsoft is expected to launch its release candidate of Windows 7 within the next few weeks, one must suspect that build 7077 (or any other belonging to the 7000 variety) will be used for RC1 whereas a build in the 7100 line will be the RTM copy - or could it be build 7777?

Regardless of whether or not these most recent builds prove to be completely solid, I would recommend either waiting until the official release candidate or relying on a widely tested copy for any serious system use.