RIM's BlackBerry Storm, the only touch screen device from the company so far, will soon get another firmware update that will address numerous issues the phone is currently suffering from. This will be the second update for the phone in just a few months, following one that was posted back in December. That firmware was published to address issues of the same type, primarily concerned with the touch interface.

This new update will fix issues with freezing, display issues and a laundry list of other small bugs. It's not all fixes, though, as RIM has included additional functionality with the release as well. The biggest thing Storm users will note is that the QWERTY keyboard will be available in both portrait and landscape modes. It's rumored that following this firmware update, RIM's full attention will be on the successor to the Storm, called, cleverly enough, Storm 2. If that's the case, this may be the last update the Storm receives – hopefully all major issues will be stamped out now.