Perhaps caving to pressure from an overwhelming amount of angry customers, Time Warner has made the decision to delay the implementation of their controversial bandwidth caps. Originally scheduled to begin this summer in Texas, Time Warner has pushed the date back at least a few months. It now seems they are on the agenda for sometime in October, perhaps when Time Warner believes the controversy will have watered down.

Though not specifically admitting they caved in to pressure from customers, their VP of communications did mention that the decision was made after receiving several comments and ideas about the plan. They are going to be careful about how they phrase their announcements, of course, given the level of noise surrounding this issue and the price hike they plan to impose on heavy users.

It occurs to me that Time Warner may be simply attempting to let time cool people's emotions, believing that if they put the same cap in five months from now nobody will care, though it's hard to see how the reaction will be any different. Trials in Rochester, New York and Greensboro, North Carolina will continue as planned.