Last month we first heard that more affordable Core i7 derivatives were already being sampled and could arrive in their final form as early as July, with matching P55 boards. Due to overstock problems, however, several sites are now reporting that Intel may push back the release all the way until October. This will depend on a number of factors, including what AMD does with its Phenom II CPU, but as we wait for an official announcement from Intel, the folks at HKEPC claim to have obtained a list of the upcoming Core i5 parts with their respective specs and price.

The list covers both desktop (Lynnfield) and mobile (Clarksfield) variants. The first will reportedly come in three varying clock speeds: a 2.66GHz model priced as low as $196, a 2.80GHz model priced at $284, and a 3.46GHz part with a $562 price tag. These chips will have four cores and hyper-threading support (except for the lowest-priced model), 95W thermal envelopes, 8MB of L3 cache, include dual-channel DDR3 memory controllers, and will fit in a new socket for mainstream users: LGA-1156.

As for the Clarksfield variants, HKPEC lists a 1.6GHz model priced at $364, a 1.73GHz model priced at $546, and a 2GHz "Extreme" part with a $1,054 price tag. All three chips will allegedly be quad-core offerings with hyper-threading support and 35W thermal envelopes.