Acer officially jumped into the smartphone market earlier this year with the introduction of four Windows Mobile devices. While each has its own distinctive feature that will appeal to different types of users, many were disappointed that none ran the Google-backed Android operating system. But that’s not to say such a device isn’t in the pipeline. In fact, according to PC World, Acer is already working on several different Android-based devices, and plans to launch a smartphone using the software later this year.

During the firm’s Q1 investor’s conference today, President and CEO Gianfranco Lanci noted that “the entire industry is looking at Android.” Furthermore Lanci reasonably downplayed chances of an Acer netbook running Android, saying it makes more sense to stick the mobile operating system on a smartphone, but did not completely rule out the possibility. Sadly, no additional information or timeframe was given.

The company actually expects to get 10 percent of its revenue within three years from the growing smartphone sector, and hopes to capture nearly half of the entire netbook market this year, so we’re anxious to see what the company has in store for us the next few months.