In a market heavily influenced by the economic calamity, Apple has been under fire of rival Microsoft's recent advertising campaign. Suggesting that Mac purchasers are falling victim to an "Apple tax", the campaign's aim is to persuade consumers into buying a PC, portraying Macs as overpriced, unjustified glamour-boxes. In addition to the jabs thrown by Redmond, Apple faces the ever-increasing growth and popularity of low cost netbooks.

To combat the recent trends and stiff opposition, the Cupertino-based computer maker is said to have a plan to revive growth in their Mac computer sales. In the coming months, Apple patrons can look forward to price reductions on the 13" MacBook and the iMac. At this point in time, pricing is either undetermined or undisclosed, but there is much speculation that the budget Macs could be available as early as this spring.

Apple has repeatedly denied having any interest in snagging a piece of the netbook pie. Backing that up, unnamed sources have suggested that the lower cost Macs should offer a temporary solution to the low cost netbooks. In the long term, the sources say that the rumored Newton-like web tablet will offer a more direct competition.