How Facebook mucks up office life Imagine walking into a meeting and encountering not just your current co-workers, but all your colleagues and managers from jobs past, along with your spouse, your college drinking buddies, your Senior Prom date, and, off in a corner, your adolescent son, busy telling your boss how many hours he logs in every day playing Grand Theft Auto. Computerworld.

The Secret Of Google's Book Scanning Machine Revealed The other day my colleague Kee Malesky turned me on to an incredibly interesting article from the New Scientist website about the granting of patent 7508978. What's so important about Patent 7508978 you ask? It's the patent that explains how Google's proprietary book scanning technology works. NPR.

Microsoft confirms final Windows 7 system requirements When Microsoft released the official beta for Windows 7 a while back, it also published a set of system requirements. These were a general overview, and it seems that they have been updated to match the Windows 7 RC recently made available. Neowin.

Myst now in the App Store, 730Mb Download For you nostalgia fans out there, Myst just hit the App Store for $5.99. It is a whopping (for an iPhone) 727MB download but promises to bring all of the realism of the 1994 classic Macintosh game. If you don't remember, go grab a refresher. 9 to 5 Mac.

Top 10 Battery Hacks, Tips, And Tricks The gadgets you love don't always love you back---at least when it comes to battery life. But you can get more from your laptop, your iPod, your phone, and other devices with these 10 techniques. Lifehacker.

Researchers Design Paper Thin Speakers A Taiwanese based research group has developed a speaker technology that can be worked into paper allowing for ultra thin devices, or even talking posters. Maximum PC.