Bart Banaan over at AthlonXP Forums has been showing off his latest creation.

In quite an original move, Bart has used old, dead motherboards to plate his case after stripping it down, to create a kind of motherboard sculpture case mode, of sorts. Doesn't exactly serve any kind of purpose other than being a talking point and looking cool - but hey, it did that well enough for me to post it here, didn't it? Here's a quick pic:

Again, I will stress that it doesn't actually do anything. For a moment I thought perhaps that it was a kind of cluster system someone had built and managed to build a case mod that contained all of the motherboards, hard drives, etc from all of the clustered systems, but no its actually just a bunch of dead mobos nailed to a case. Still, its kind of original if nothing else....

More here and here.

Follow the links and have a look at the later pictures, especially where the neon lights have been added and you really get the full effect. This thing eventually starts looking like a droid from StarWars or something... Great one here.