Whether it is defending itself or attacking others, Apple is probably used to spending a lot of time in the courts. Recently, they are coming under attack - not for the first time - due to their MagSafe power adapter. The idea behind it is certainly a sound one: greatly reducing the chance of a pricey MacBook being damaged by a stray foot. Unfortunately for Apple, the hardware involved has come under scrutiny once again for supposedly being negligently designed and manufactured, making it susceptible to fraying, sparking and premature failure.

The suit is primarily concerned over Apple's apparent inaction, claiming the company is aware of the issue but has done nothing to fix it. Because of this, the suit asks for one of two things: a redesign of the MagSafe, or a full refund on the purchase price of laptops involved. You'd think that lawsuits, coupled with poor user ratings, would convince Apple to at least consider a redesign.