Lenovo has announced an update to its netbook line with the introduction of the IdeaPad S10-2. The new system is slightly lighter and thinner than its S10 predecessor, coming in at 2.2 pounds and 0.71 inches in thickness, but still manages to squeeze in a closer-to-standard keyboard and optional six-cell battery that will give you roughly five hours of runtime.

Spec-wise you'll get more or less the typical netbook configuration - 10.1-inch LED screen, 1.6GHz Intel Atom CPU, 1GB of RAM, up to 160GB of hard drive storage, and Windows XP. However, Lenovo does throw in a few goodies such as the multi touch touchpad and built-in 3G mobile broadband as an option. The VeriFace facial-recognition software found on the most recent S10 is also present in this model as well as the QuickStart environment for accessing applications without waiting for the operating system to boot.

The S10-2 should be available later this month for $349 at Lenovo.com - or $399 for the 3G-equipped model.