"Have you ever woken up and found that your hands have fallen asleep? Have your fingers ever tingled or gone numb when typing? Or have you ever lost your grip on something and dropped it? These are all things that can happen to someone who uses computers extensively..."

Well, I can tell you that I certainly have. I routinely awaken to the cold dumbness of asleep hands. And that RSI pain carry-on in the hands and wrists is not nice, I can tell you.

Enter the IMAK Smart Glove, a product reviewed by Adam "StoneTable" Israel of Arstechnica.com here.

"The premise behind the gloves is simple--to keep your wrists at the proper angle during repetitive movement. In theory, this prevents the kind of damage that can be caused by repeated physical motion, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, repetitive motion injury, or general muscle tenderness."

And they seem to work, too:

"I would highly recommend it to anyone who uses a computer for hours on end, especially if you already have symptoms of a repetitive injury..." writes StoneTable.

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