Apple has announced some details of its upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference, revealing that it is set to kick off on June 8 and will be led by the company's vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing Phil Schiller. Some had hoped that Steve Jobs, who announced a five-month leave of absence back in January 2009 to focus on his health, would make a return to the company in time for the event - but apparently that won't be the case.

Being a software-centric event for developers, one of the headliners for WWDC '09 will obviously be Snow Leopard, the next major version of Mac OS X. According to the press release, attendees will receive a developer preview of the new OS designed to show off the new QuickTime X version, multi-core and GPU processor support, and accessibility enhancements.

However, what most people are actually anticipating is the launch of a third-generation iPhone and perhaps even an "Apple media pad" of sorts. Several sites have also pointed to the conference keynote as an opportunity to debut a refresh to the company's desktop and laptop lines, but of course Apple is providing no details there.