In keeping with today's theme of reviewing strange products (the hand rest thingy and the fan controller), I thought why not round it all off with a look at an article reviewing the Act-Labs USB Light Gun, after this quote caught my eye:

"Ah the good old days. I remember when I used to play Duck Hunt on my Nofriendo back when I was a wee lad. The click-sproing sound of the trigger as I shot duck, after duck, after duck, was enough to annoy any parent. I remember clearly how much I shot at that stupid dog that mocked me when I missed. Stop it! Stop laughing!!! Um………er……I’m ok now, heh."

LOL! But there is something very satisfying about pulling a trigger in a game. Perhaps its that it brings us back to those long lost days when we ventured out with pals to "play guns", reinacting stake-outs, sieges and all out face-offs. "Bang! Bang! Bang!" Oh, those were the days....

Anyway, even although you will find a pathetically small amount of games that support it, the article, pulbished on does reckon that the little gadget is worth getting, that it "exceeds it’s predecessors in the Light Gun market". The gun's web page here does say that it supports 100 games, but does seem to be steering you towards Mad Dog McCree.

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