Acer's goal to become the number one netbook manufacturer in the world along with predictions that these low cost portables will take up a big chunk of the market seem to be coming true. According to preliminary data released by market research firm DisplaySearch, last quarter netbooks managed to take up a smooth one-fifth of the market. Out of all laptops sold last quarter, roughly 6 million were netbooks - a substantial amount, and a strong indicator that they will continue to do well.

Out of those 6 million, Acer was the largest single manufacturer, being responsible for more than 30% of the market. They are well on their way to achieving their goal of a 50% share and the netbook market itself is well on its way to being one of the most substantial portions of the mobile sector. This seems to be despite the fact that the line between notebook and netbook has blurred and has come close to being crossed completely on occasion. That may be only a temporary issue, as netbooks continue to mature we may see more of a price/performance wall between the two classes.