"Advanced Micro Devices Inc. is rolling out its latest high-end multiprocessing server and workstation chip, the Athlon MP 2400+.

The new processor, unveiled on Tuesday, joins the 2200+ and 2000+ chips designed for industries that use compute-intensive applications, such as high-performance computing environments and research institutions, according to the Sunnyvale, Calif., company. "

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In seperate news, The Inquirer is reporting here that "the firm [AMD] will likely soon release multiprocessing "MP" processors that support the faster 333MHz front side buses that the Athlon XP supports."

Its understood that a move to a 333MHz bus is not a particularly tricky matter for the MP, and that "current chipsets supporting the 333MHz system bus may already support some MP chips, although motherboards are not qualified or supported for such a revision."

More here at The Inquirer

According to the AthlonXP.com website, here, "The MP2400+'s are the first SMP certified AMD processor to reach the 2.0GHz mark..."