Time has taken a dip into the recent history of tech blunders. They describe the article as a look at the best-funded and most-publicized tech launches of the last ten years which ended in failure. Some of the products and services listed aren't much of a surprise, while others were quite unexpected.

They open the list up with Windows Vista, one of the more recognized bloopers of modern times. The OS was supposed to deliver improved security over its predecessor Windows XP, which it somewhat failed at - not to mention that it runs more sluggishly. Microsoft's attempt at an iPod killer, the Zune, also made the list for obvious reasons.

Other companies, services and technologies to make the list include Gateway, HD DVD, Vonage, YouTube, Sirius XM, Palm, Iridium and Segway. Most of which probably don't require an explanation, but I have to admit that YouTube was entirely unforeseen on my end. The article suggests that despite YouTube's vast hold on the personal video sharing market, Google's investment of $1.65 billion is unlikely to bring a future return profit.