AMD is reportedly getting ready to showcase a new notebook platform, codenamed Tigris, at the Computex 2009 conference in June. According to Commercial Times, the successor to Puma will integrate a 45nm dual-core Caspian processor supporting 800MHz DDR2 memory, 55nm or 40nm M9X GPUs and the company's RS880M chipsets. AMD will reportedly target 14-inch and larger notebooks with Tigris, while the Yukon and Congo platforms are aimed at the smaller 13-inch and below notebook market.

Tigris-based systems may not actually become available until a little later, though, as a leaked roadmap in November suggested a new mainstream notebook platform launch was due for the second half of this year. Additionally, Commercial Times speculates that AMD may also demo its next-generation Danube laptop platform, which is expected to arrive sometime in 2010, featuring a quad-core Champlain processor paired with support for faster DDR3 1,066MHz memory.