Not only is Google still number one when it comes to Internet searches, it seems their reach is growing even larger. For last month, the company stood among the major search providers as the only one who actually gained market share, clearly eroding both Yahoo and Microsoft's share. Google managed to sneak up 0.5 percent to rest at 64.2 percent, while Yahoo and Microsoft actually lost 0.1 points each to rest at 20.4% and 8.2% respectively.

Much of Google's continued success in search can be attributed to services outside of the Google homepage, such as Google searches embedded in websites and browsers, searches on phones and searches powered by any number of other interfaces. On the other hand, Yahoo's slip isn't surprising, and it is estimated that the company will continue to dip as time goes on. Some pessimistic views claim Yahoo may lose up to 15% of their share due to loss of "toolbar" deals.