For the past few days we've been hearing rumors that Sony is going to introduce a slimmer, and potentially cheaper, version of their PlayStation 3 console at the E3 conference this year. While the company has remained characteristically silent on the subject, a bunch of blurry images showing the alleged device recently leaked onto the web, with many people taking them at face value as proof that a redesigned console is indeed in the works while others remain dubious about their authenticity.

Whatever your stance is on the matter, here's where it gets interesting. Engadget has been served a cease and desist letter regarding those supposedly leaked pictures, asking them to take down the images from the site because they are "confidential" and "highly possibly illegally released." The source of the letter isn't Sony itself, but rather the alleged Chinese manufacturer, so nothing is certain yet. If the letter is somehow proved to be real, however, then this mysterious Chinese firm has pretty much validated the rumors. We'll know for sure in a couple of weeks, when the E3 conference kicks off.