Netflix is reportedly coming to Windows Media Center on Vista in an attempt to provide users with more PC entertainment options. Microsoft has already incorporated a Netflix service on its Xbox 360, but users are limited to videos that are available for instant streaming on that platform.

Users of the Windows Media Center Netflix function will be able to stream movies instantly as well as manage their physically rented DVD queues from Netflix's mailing service, according to Ben Reed, Microsoft's senior product marketing manager. The application will utilize Silverlight to deliver the video - just as Netflix's "Watch Instantly" allows users to view videos via web browser.

Subscribers using Windows Vista Home Premium and Ultimate will have access to more than 12,000 videos on-demand. The service is also expected to be available in Windows 7, but XP users are out of luck it would seem. The latest feature is supposed to roll out today and ought to be available for US-based users within the next 24 hours. To check it out, subscribe to the rental service and select the new Netflix tile under TV+Movies.